Monday, January 19, 2009

School, semesters, and people...

I've found out that some people are important in my life and others are not. You may be asking, am I important in his life...well, if you are reading this then you are most likely important to me and I care about you. Where is this coming from? Well, just recently I've found that when I'm nice to people they either lie to me or walk all over me. That's not gonna happen any longer. I'm tired of people using me or lying to me. Saying, "I'm not ready for a relationship then get into one." That seems like they are really telling the truth huh, yeah not really. It kind of makes me mad but I could really care less. If they are not respectful enough to tell me to my face then they do not deserve to be high in my importance list. That's it about people. School is looking like it is going to be an amazing semester again. Bobby is back which makes it even better. I am in almost every single class with Gary which makes the classes ten times better. Life is great right now, shaved head and freezing temperatures. What more could I want. haha. I've decided to keep my hair this way for fun. It's very easy now to just wake up in the mornings and not have to worry about doing my hair or making sure it isn't sticking up. Well I'm out. Peace.

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